Monday, 19 March 2012

God's extraordinary timing

The writer's life can be one of unremitting discouragement at times. As a newish British writer of Christian fiction it can feel like swimming against the tide in a sea of liquid cement. But then sometimes God reminds me how he works very differently from us. A friend of mine has been much on my mind lately. She's been going through a particularly stressful time and I've been concerned, but didn't want to bombard her with e mails. As I went to vacuum the dirt and dog-hairs from my car this afternoon I was thinking about her - and at that point she phoned (we live in different countries.) We exchanged news, of course, but what she rang to tell me was how my latest book, ('The Land of Nimrod'), a copy of which I gave her some months ago in the hope that she would review it, had spoken to her condition and given her support and insight when she had a great need. Like, I imagine, many others I tend to dream in terms of big numbers, great sales, a growing base of readers; but perhaps I am being gently told that what matters is meaningful connection with one reader at a time.
Isaiah 55 v.8,9 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Interview on Word Salt 13 March 2012

Hop over to if you have a few minutes and see the interview of me and my books by Lynn Dove on her great blog. Thanks, Lynn! And thanks to the good folk who left a comment.