Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Shed in a Cucumber Field is launched

I held a bit of a party last Saturday to celebrate the 'coming-out' of my new novel.  It was a good evening following a long day and I am tired, but what really stands out for me is the realisation of just how blessed I am with loyal friends:absolutely priceless.

With fellow-author Susan Pope ('Lighter than Air.')

Friends and supporters



Saturday, 8 November 2014


As it happened, happily my books vanished from the internet for only a few hours. A rescue package was made available to affected authors and I hope and trust the books are now safe and available around the globe. It was certainly a bad few hours. Bad for longer, sadly, for the company and its loyal employees: no quick fix for them.
This episode made me think about the worst things that could happen, and in what order of  devastating effect. For me, it came to this: first  would be to lose my faith; that would be a disaster of immeasurable proportions and eternal effect. Then, like most of us, to lose a family member or close friend - or my dog, come to that. Perhaps next might come some physical disaster, such as the chimney falling off our house in France, or one of the big trees coming down and taking the roof with it. But clearly losing years of work would be up there too, very close.
We are sometimes asked to consider what would be our dream come true; more rarely what our worst case might be. I wonder how you would answer this rather sobering question.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Important news

I have just heard that the company which has published all my books has ceased trading, owing to competition from a well-known internet giant. This of course is a disaster for me and many other authors. I hope in due course to have my books back in circulation and available online but this will take time. Meanwhile you will as of now find me nowhere on the internet! I do not plan to stop writing, nor to making my books available, but patience will be needed. I will post any progress here.